This course explores the issues surrounding alcohol use amongst older drinkers.

As we age, our bodies and our lives undergo many changes, including how alcohol affects us. This course looks at the specific risks and effects of alcohol on the older drinker. It will explore why most advice and information focuses on younger drinkers and why the older drinker is often ignored or left unsupported.

This course will outline the issues and the effective interventions related to older people drinking.

Any professional whose clients or service users fall into this category will find this course helpful.

Anyone supporting an older friend or family member will also find useful knowledge and understanding in this course.

This course is an approved CPD course carrying the value of 3 CPD hours and a CPD attainment certificate will be provided on course completion.

Course Overview

The Hidden Generation

Why are older drinkers often not identified for support?

Specific Harms for Older Drinkers

An exploration of some of the most commonly occurring risks and harms that older drinkers face.

Effective Interventions and Support

Effective interventions and appropriate support for older drinkers.

Course Details & Enrolment


Alcohol & Older People CPD

Specific issues for older drinkers.

Alcohol & Older People

A short course giving an overview of age specific issues surrounding alcohol misuse

in older people.

CPD Approved

This is an approved CPD course carrying the value of 3 hours CPD.

A completion certificate is provided on the passing of the attached multiple choice test.

A test result of 85% or more is required to pass this course.

Who is the course aimed at?

This course is relevant for all those working with alcoholism, older people and services

who support older people. It is also relevant to the general public who have personal

interest in this topic.

Hi, I’m Jane Keyworth BSc(Hons). I am the Training Lead for EDAS, a UK based substance misuse treatment centre. I am a qualified therapist with over 20 years experience working with young people and adults who are suffering from addiction issues.

I am facilitating this course, Alcohol & Older People, as part of the EDAS CPD course range. These short courses explore many areas related to substance misuse, emotional management and effective interventions.

These courses are CPD approved and carry a value of 3 hours CPD. CPD certificates are available for download on the completion of a final on-line knowledge test. A minimum score of 85% is required to achieve certification.

These courses are priced at £72 each.